PAVY Shala

Patanjala Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Shala(R)

Pranayama Course

Sheshadri             Sheshadri


Monday to Saturday:  Morning 8:15 am to 9:15 am

Basic Pranayama.
Advance Pranayama.
Mudra Pranayama.

Initially Sheshadri begins Pranayama with the Introduction & Philosophy to gather the information about its methods and techniques so that students can understand its depth.
Prana means Universal Vital force. Ayama means Extension/Expansion. The word Pranayama means "Extension or Expansion of the Dimension of Prana". It is deliberate Yogic technique of stopping the moment or slowing down the speed of Inhalation and Exhalation including Retentions.

Components of Pranayama:
Pooraka or Inhalation.
Rechaka or Exhalation.
Antar kumbhaka or retention of breath after inhalation.
Bahir kumbhaka or retention of breath after exhalation.
Kevalakumbhaka/ Shunyaka or Automatic retention of breath.

The course contains 15 or 16 classes that take place during one month. You have to be able to complete all of the course.
Students should arrive 10 minutes early so that classes can start on time.
Students must pay by cash when they register at shala and full fees are expected from the start date and there will be no refunds or credit for future classes.
Drop-In and Trial classes are not available.
Sundays and Moondays are holiday.
It is recommended to practice for at least one month, but it is possible to attend classes for less than one month, depending on your schedule.
However, you can begin the course at any time.